2 Timothy 3:16–17

2 Timothy 3:16–17

“All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.” (2 Timothy 3:16–17, ESV)


Can the Bible really be trusted? What is it good for in my everyday life?

Why do you think so many people play the Lottery? Why are people taken in by financial scams and con artists? There is certainly a desire to take home a huge cash prize. Some are thrilled by the excitement of the risk. There are probably other motives, but no matter what, there is no sure way to win.

If we are left to our own guesses, our knowledge of God is a complete gamble as well. Thankfully, we are not left to our own speculation. Christianity is a religion of revelation. God has given a record of himself and his purposes to human beings by divine revelation. Although we received the Bible from human authors, the claim of the Bible and the belief of orthodox Christians is that the ultimate source of Scripture is God.1 The Bible claims for itself to be “breathed out” to us from God. It can be trusted.

What’s more, the Bible is useful and beneficial for our lives in critical ways. The Bible fills up our lack when we are ignorant. The Bible rebukes our incorrect thinking, then points us in correct paths. The Bible teaches us how to walk in relationship with God and with each other.

We cannot know God unless he reveals himself. Without wisdom that comes from outside us we cannot know ourselves or how to live in this world. Both of these wonderful revelations are found in the Bible, God’s divinely inspired word.

1 Sproul, R.C. Essential Truths of the Christian Faith (Wheaton, IL: Tyndale House, 1992), 15

Psalm 119:11


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