What We Believe

What We Believe

We stand in the stream of historic Christian faith and are committed to the gospel of Christ, to God’s supremacy over all things, and to a church composed of those who have a living faith.

Historic Christian Faith

With all true Christians everywhere, we believe God is a Trinity–one nature and three persons. We believe Christ is the God-man who died and rose again and will come again to judge the living and the dead.

Gospel Commitment

We are committed to the gospel, which means “good news.” We affirm that people are justified–having their sins forgiven and Christ’s righteousness credited to their account–by faith alone. We believe this life-changing message should be taken to the whole world. We affirm the complete trustworthiness of the Bible in all that it affirms.

God’s Supremacy

We believe knowing God is our supreme purpose and source of true satisfaction in life. God rules in all the details of life. God saves powerless sinners. He alone is the cause of salvation, and he alone receives the glory.

Members With Living Faith

We believe that all those who turn from their sins and believe in Christ unto salvation are commanded to publicly confess Christ through baptism. Churches are to be composed of those who have publicly confessed Christ as professing believers through baptism. Membership is a serious reflection of and pursuit of genuine spiritual life.

We believe a rich heritage exists in the Southern Baptist Convention that embraces all four of these identities. Therefore, we are identified with the SBC to express our unity with this theological heritage and to expand our impact but without limiting our fellowship and outreach to that body.

A more precise overview of our beliefs can be found in the Abstract of Principles, the doctrinal statement of both The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

The confessional statement of our church is the 1689 Baptist Confession. A modern-language version of the confession is also available. The 1689 Confession was the confessional statement of the church or association of every one of the 293 delegates who gathered in Augusta, Georgia, to organize the Southern Baptist Convention in 1845.