Regathering Information

Regathering Information

Dear GHC Friends and Family, 

We have determined to begin meeting together this Sunday, May 17 on the following basis:

Initially, we will divide our member families into four groups alphabetically:

     Group 1: A-E

     Group 2: F-Ma

     Group 3: Mc-Sa

     Group 4: Sh-Z

This list represents our member families. We are sure than some of them will choose to remain at home for the time being and this is absolutely fine. There may be guests or regular visitors who are reading this and want to attend in person. You are welcome to come according to the alphabetical groupings above. 

      Group 1 will attend the first service on Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m.

      Group 2 will attend the second service on Sunday Evening at 5:00 p.m..

We ask the rest of the congregation to remain at home and continue to watch either of the services as they are live-streamed

On Sunday, May 24

     Group 3 will attend at 9:30 a.m.

     Group 4 will attend at 5:00 p.m.

Why morning and evening? This will avoid the cross contamination of one group leaving while another arrives. It will also make cleaning between groups more effective. 

Please be aware of these stipulations:

There will be no child care. Families will sit together and children must remain with their parents at all times. 

The nursery and child care areas will be off-limits. 

— The service order will be brief. We will pray and hear the word preached. Offering boxes are on the walls on either side of the                                  auditorium door. There will also be hand sanitizer available as you enter the main door and in the auditorium. 

— We ask as many as can to wear a mask. Please bring your own. 

— The doors will open at 9 a.m. and 4:30 p,m. Please do not arrive “just in time” for the start of the service. We should be able to park with distance between cars and enter the main doors one family at a time. 

— Enter through the main door, exit through the other two doors in the auditorium. We will be dismissed by rows. 

— Please come with the intention that you will not use the rest room. Our gathering will be less than an hour. If it is necessary, we will make accommodations. 

If you are even suspicious of being ill, please do not attend. If you are in an at-risk group, please do not feel pressure to return at this time. 

I am encouraged that EAMC has seen a drop in cases this week after a slight rise following the April 30 restrictions lift (according to reports in the OA News). This, in part, has been what we were waiting to see as we were making our plans. As we continue to practice good hygiene (stuff we should have been doing all along, right?) and exercise care in our spacing, I believe we will be safely on the track to return to our “normal” gatherings. 

Lord willing, I’ll see many of you on Sunday. 

In preparation for the Lord’s Day, read through the Psalms and look for the number of times the Bible speaks of the steadfast love of the Lord (Hint: Psalm 5 is the first). Contemplate the way that even when he was displeased with what he had done, God pursued David in 

2 Samuel 12:1-15.


Paul Stith

Romans 12:10