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Lauren's Testimony

Truthfully, I didn't want to attend at Grace Heritage at first. As a shy freshman, it was hard for me to go to a small church, where it was impossible to get lost in the crowd and where I would actually have to talk to people! Plus, all of the students I met my freshman year were going to the bigger churches, and the big college programs were quite enticing. I thought it would be a great way to make friends. But, I am so thankful God kept me at Grace! First of all, the relationships I have formed at Grace are priceless. The older women are dedicated to mentoring the younger ones and, as a result, I have grown immensely in spiritual maturity. A big group of college students may sound safe and familiar, but Grace is truly my family. I see the love of Christ among the members here, and God has definitely used this church body to mold me into a more mature Christian. The biblical teaching at Grace and the wisdom of many of the men and women here continue to strengthen my walk with Christ and point me towards the gospel. Praise God that, since coming to Grace, I have grown from an infant Christian who is completely dependent on her parents for spiritual nourishment to a maturing Christian who, through Christ, craves growth in godliness and discipline!

College Ministry