Below we answer some questions that may be important to you. For more information, please visit the Contact Us page.

Q: What do you teach and emphasize?

A: We teach the time-tested truths of the Christian faith, with an emphasis on living in light of the good news of Christ and the supremacy of God in all things. We cultivate members with a living faith and emphasize strong relationships over lots of programs and activities. Other pages contain more details on the truths we believe and the vision that shapes our emphasis.


Q: Where and when do you meet?

A: We meet at 1345 Annalue Dr. in Auburn at 9:30 AM on Sundays. See our services information for details.


Q: What is a typical worship service like?

A: Our longing is to be God-centered in all that we do together during a worship service. That means that we sing songs that could be very old or very new, as long as they help us to learn truth about God and to glorify Him. We also believe the Bible is the only trustworthy and accurate book that allows us to discover God, so we teach from the Bible. Finally, we believe that God hears us when we pray, so someone leads us in prayer as a part of our worship time together.


Q: How should I dress?

A: Dressing up is fine, but so is casual attire. In fact, we are more concerned about you and your relationship with God than about what you wear. You will find a wide range of attire when we meet together.


Q: Will I be singled out as a guest?

A: You will be greeted warmly, but you will never be singled out, asked to stand and introduce yourself, or put on the spot in any way.


Q: Will I stand out if I am unfamiliar with the activities in a Christian worship service?

A: The only outward activities that involve everyone is singing together and occasionally standing together. The words of all songs are printed in the bulletin, and your voice–or lack of one!–will simply blend into the singing of the crowd. The worship leader will prompt everyone when it is time to stand or sit. Our bulletin contains some explanatory notes to help you understand the purpose of each part of the service.


Q: Will I be asked to give money?

A: The only thing we ask you to give us is the opportunity to know you and how we might help you discover God. There is a place in our bulletin that allows you to give us your name and other information or to make requests for prayer or other needs; all you do is fill it out and turn it in if you choose to do so. On that form you can indicate if you want further contact; we will not flood you with calls or visits.


Q: What will my children do?

A: We have many families with children, and we place a premium on teaching the Bible in a way that everyone present can understand. Some families like to keep their children with them during the worship time, while others take advantage of child care that is provided for very young children; either choice is a good one. Our Bible Study time is sometimes designed for the entire family, involving everyone in the learning process. At other times we have an age-graded option for elementary-aged children. There is always a class for preschoolers.


Q: How do I get there?

A: Visit our Contact Us page for the address or click here for directions.


Q: When do you meet?

A: See details on the Services page.

You can read a restaurant menu, but you can’t taste the food until you go to the restaurant. A church is the same way. We invite you to come and get a taste of Grace. We believe you will find food that satisfies the deepest hunger that any person has in this life.